Our Story

“I will…transform the valley of trouble into a gateway of hope.” Hosea 2:15

In 2013, after a period of prayer and fasting, the Lord led Kevin and Benay to begin working at a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Since that time, their family has dedicated time visiting, counseling, mentoring, and teaching the young men who have passed through this facility. Their greatest struggle has been watching these men give up on the abundant life they have been offered and return to drugs, yet again. They began to see the great need for a halfway training house that would allow those leaving the rehab facilities to have positive experiences and practical training in the real world.

Hope House plans to open its doors in 2019 and will allow individuals to live together in community, work, and receive mentoring. There will be emphasis on training in practical matters such as money management, healthy work habits, and family relationships, which are essential as these men seek to live out their faith in Porto Alegre.