Reintegration Community

Hope House is a reintegration community that exists to provide Christ-centered care and counseling designed to retrain addictive thought patterns and behaviors of our residents, but also foster an abundant life in Christ that can impact the world.

Our goal at Hope House is not only to help the men in the program, but also to impact entire families, communities, and future generations. Hope House is a unique step in addiction recovery that furthers the process of reclaiming men from a life of drug and alcohol addiction. After completion of a therapeutic community program, our goal is to help lift the bondage of addiction and restore our residents to productive, Christian service in the community through Hope House. We seek to take lives that are broken and give back hope.

Statistics show that Christian based recovery programs have the highest success ratings. Hope House embraces the basic principles of proven recovery methods, but relies on the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hope House is classified as a religious organization with a social purpose and is located in Porto Alegre, Brazil.